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Exactly what do you write in your journal?

Write down whatever enters your mind. I utilize my journal for personal notes and goals and poker objectives – to me they are one in the very same; because, poker makes many aspects of my life feasible and my life affects my poker. I start every journal with my life objectives and principles that help me be successful at whatever I’m doing. This way I know precisely where to head to get my mind right if I begin to waver.

These consist of things like:

  • Beginning Hand Charts
  • Poker Session, SNG, and MTT notes
  • Poker suggestions I check out in publications, magazines and online
  • Summaries of just what I believe assists me to achieve my poker and life objectives
  • Personal Renovation principles and notes
  • Repetitive Sentences – This set is necessary.

Finest Attribute

So those are some suggestions of what you can keep. I have notes concerning exactly what poker articles I need to create, time monitoring actions, and questions I make use of to come close to life in a positive method. It’s all great!! Because the act of composing focuses the mind, it makes permanent numerous things that you would lose if you aimed to remember them in your head; it clears up; and it provides you something to review and see your success. read more