Price Per Head Sportsbook can be confusing for some, but once you learn to use it, it is actually quite straightforward and easy to use. Not only can it make gambling easier for players, but it can help bookies to manage their information and free up time that they can spend elsewhere. With that said, let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions about the sports betting industry and Price Per Head Sportsbook.

1) When it comes to PPH, what type of betting software is used?

Price Per Head uses DGS (Digital Gaming Solutions) software. This is state of the art software and holds high quality standards by which all other software within the industry is held.

2) My bettors are my main priority. What type of sports gambling options does PPH offer to my players?

Think about Las Vegas Sportsbook. If you can do it in Vegas Sportsbook, you can do it on the Digital Gaming Solutions Software. All wagering options are available to bookies and their bettors.

3)  How much control will I have over the Player profiles and limits?

As a user of Price Per Head Software, you will have complete and total control over all sports gambling profiles and limits. This type of software offers a maximum advantage over gamblers, ensuring that the buyer has access to as many customized profiles as needed.

4) What about my lines?

Another advantage of PPH software is that hosts are able to alter or move their betting lines for bettors at any time during the game.

5) Can I see who is gambling and have access to their Wager Activity Reports?

Absolutely! Buyers of the software have access to real-time reports of all players and bettors. This means that you have access to all sports betting and sports gambling wagers as they occur in real-time.

6) How can my players place their wagers on Price Per Head Sportsbook?

PPH software has made the sports betting industry more accessible than ever. Gambling is now available with the push of a button, and players can place their wagers via telephone (through a Call Centre), mobile phone, or internet!

7) Once a game is over, how long will it take until wagers are graded for my bettors?

Just as agents have access to real-time reports, players have access to real-time wagers. Once a game is over, all balances will be immediately updated.

8) Are All of my Players Wagers kept on Record?

Yes. Price Per Head Sportsbook records all sportsbetting and gambling activity. Record is kept each time a player account is logged in, as well as each time sports or casino bets are placed. The accounts are tracked through IP address and all activity is recorded digitally.

9) As an agent, am I able to amend limits or turn off a players access quickly?

Yes. To do this all you need to do is access the player management report. Once accessed, you can suspend account activity or set betting limits instantly. As an agent, you have complete control over the limits in any players account.

10) If one of my bettors places a large bet, I want to know. Will Price Per Head Sportsbook notify me?

Of course. All agents are given a live bet ticker that allows you to keep track of bets in real-time. In addition to this, it also allows you to set an alert for Big Bets. These “Big Bet” keys can be added to any particular account or player and can be set for any wager amount. Once you have set your alarm amount, the ticker will alert you anytime that player makes a bet equal to or over the set amount.

11) Sharper Players would benefit from a delay feature. Does PPH provide one?

Yes, Price Per Head software has a delay feature that can be added to any bettor account.