Back Scratcher Field of the Innovation

It is an object of the invention supply an automated back and tummy scratcher that is well matched for scratching or rubbing the back or stubborn belly of a user or of a pet such a dog or a feline. Accordingly, the back and stomach scratcher has a hand-shaped portion having actually lengthened fingers that are well fit for damaging or massaging the back or belly of an individual or of a family pet.

More objects of the development will become apparent in the in-depth summary of the innovation that follows. The development is an automated back and tummy scratcher having a telescopically adjustable shaft and having a hand-shaped part connected at one end of the shaft. The hand-shaped part has fingers that may be used for scratching or massaging the back or stomach of a user or of an animal such as a dog or a feline.


The back and belly scratches are given with a motor in a mechanical call with the fingers of the hand-shaped portion, thus allowing a customer to precisely move the fingers by activating the motor. The motor has 2 modes of operation, one that creates a repetitive finger movement consisting of successively and sequentially touching each of the various fingers, then, and one that consists of simultaneous in-and-out finger activity of all the fingers.

To the achievement of the above and related objects the development could be symbolized in the kind showed in the going along with drawings. Interest is called to the reality, nonetheless, that the drawings are illustrative just. The shaft has a plurality of sectors which might be telescopically positioned within one another, in order to maximally expand the shaft, or at the same time, to pull back the shaft into a storage space setting.

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